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Hopes for Sakagura Tourism

Hopes for Sakagura Tourism

Kashima Sakagura Tourism Promotion Council
Naoki Iimori, the first president (Fukuchiyo Brewery)

In order to ensure that winning the Champion Award is meaningful, we have taken the following steps to make the most of this chance to raise interest in sake from Saga and Kashima. This is the essence of “Sakagura Tourism®.” We created the “Kashima Sakagura Tourism Promotion Committee” to try to quickly give shape to the project before the next Champion Sake is chosen.

Kashima is more than just breweries. There are a number of attractions here such as the Ariake Sea, the natural environment in the countryside, as well as agricultural and marine products. In cooperation with local volunteers, farms, fisheries, and many other organizations, we want to convey to the rest of the country the many charms of Kashima, including the breweries.

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